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 “We yearn for opportunities, we pray for opportunities and we seek for opportunities. The good news is that we meet opportunities. The bad news is that we miss the opportunities only to come to a later realization of missed opportunities.”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

We have been looking at and reviewing several business opportunities

Here are 2 of my issues with most:
Not every company is global.
And not of all them are willing to back up their members
with a guarantee.

So I have searched in 2013 to find something that fits the bill.

Listen very carefully. Here is what this company will do:

If you are not at: 1,000 per month after 6 months you may
request a refund of all funds that you have sent to the company.

Ready to read more?

I want to introduce you to EPX Body.

They are unique in that they offer a guarantee that you’ll make $1000
a month in 6 months or they’ll refund your money.

Even with that, there was still the same old struggle as to how to
get new members or how to ‘sponsor’ new people. It only takes
4 to max out the comp plan, but even that is hard for some people.
EPX Body has some exceptional nutritional products, but that isn’t
what got me excited… until now.

***You will be able to purchase a new member for $10***

hand-left-arrowThat means you can sign up, purchase your $40 product and also buy your 4 members that are needed to both break even on your own purchase, AND max out the comp plan. Do you think those same 4 will want to do the same? OF COURSE they will! This is what has been missing from the Passive Network Marketing model and why so many have failed in the past.

EPXBody will supply you with the members you need.

All YOU have to do is get started. Here’s a short summary:
- PASSIVE NETWORK MARKETING. Buy Prospects for 10 bucks
- FORCED MATRIX. Means Spillover
- PRODUCTS. Real All Natural Health Products
- LOW COST. Less than 50 bucks to start
- RESIDUAL. Build it once, enjoy for years
- 10K PLAN. 90 Day Plan to 10k a Month Residual
- TEAM. Upline committed to help with Calls/Webinars/Training -
MARKETING SYSTEM. WOW! Capture Pages/Auto Responder

(F.R.E.E) – WORLDWIDE – Not just USA!
- No sign-up fees
- No starter kit fees
- No set-up fees
- No website fees …

In order to be entered into the matrix you must make your first
product purchase.

Follow these steps to join and be placed in the matrix as quickly
as possible..
1. Click here —->>> http://www.epxbody.com/epxbodies
2. Click on “Get Started” at the top of the page
3. Select your Country of Origin
4. Select “Continue as a Independent Distributor”
5. Fill out the form
6. Select your first product and click on the Add1 button
7. Tick the two boxes at the bottom of the page and click on
8. Submit your payment via credit card – More options coming soon

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Do you currently have a monthly rent or mortgage payment? Do you have a monthly phone bill? Do you have a monthly internet bill? Do you drive to work every day? Did you know that with a home based business you can convert some of your EXISTING expenses into deductible business expenses? Did you know that you can save up to $6,000 or more per year in tax savings with a home based business? That is a $500/mth raise instantly! So, ask yourself this...if a $40 'business in a box' that you can work in your SPARE time can instantly give you a pay raise, what are you waiting for?


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