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 “We yearn for opportunities, we pray for opportunities and we seek for opportunities. The good news is that we meet opportunities. The bad news is that we miss the opportunities only to come to a later realization of missed opportunities.”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I really got annoyed seeing few scam reviews on SFI on a blog today by those who have joined for 1 month or so. So, I couldn't resist writing this there. I hope this will be an eye-opener to all new affiliates also.
I do agree you do not earn instantly in SFI. But all affiliate programs promise they will pay instant but they never unless you get a downline made (get referrals).

Most of affiliate programs need lots and lots of advertising, pursuing, tricking so any way you can get some one to sign up. I have been searching for legitimate businesses online for long but all just say big words, don't deliver.

SFI has the most compact training program, easy to follow guidelines, extremely helpful community who answers every possible query and most of all an hard working CEO Mr. Gery Carson who is running this company for 17 Years!! It builds to to be a veteran businessman first of all. We read about procedures, tricks, tips daily; then why not learn from those who actually applied and benefited? And most of all, who spends 17 years to make a scam??!! Are you serious?

The problem is whoever is complaining has never tried to improve anyway. This is a business; without any attempt do you seriously believe you will earn just by click the join button. Did you ever follow any advise given? Made attempt to advertise? Talked to other people? No, but you say they cheated you because they did not pay you for joining.

There are many websites who will say joining bonus 300$. Just join them!! That bonus will stay in your website account as an eternal dream which never will reach to your bank account. At least SFI do not offer signing bonus (don't you get that is biggest non-scam activity). They let you join FREE, learn free, get help free, make your business (they provide platform, support, advise, many more), get as much money you want. No one will stop you.

Or another so-called instant cash earning way is just keep clicking PTC site advertise till you break your finger and never earn a possible dime unless you upgrade (actually throw money down drain). Do they sound more legit? Don't think so.

Why not give earnest try to a real opportunity? There are affiliates working for 15-16 years, who does that for any scam? I am sure all those said it to be scams are not the only intelligent people around. I even saw people starting back after several years just when they realized how big an opportunity they were missing?

With no offence, just a honest request do not just sit back and criticize others who actually trying to change their lives in a proper way. Try follow foot steps or make your own which others will follow. Whatever you do with full dedication, it can never fail.

I hope this helps ! (this is not disrespect of any sort to any person/their views. just an attempt to make them see the reality. Please take no offence)

To all Our Success !
Have a Nice Day !!

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