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 “We yearn for opportunities, we pray for opportunities and we seek for opportunities. The good news is that we meet opportunities. The bad news is that we miss the opportunities only to come to a later realization of missed opportunities.”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

How would you like to have your business grow fast and global ?

There are so many business opportunities on the internet nowadays. Some are scams, some are real ones. And still many others are too good to be true. I had been searching for a real and serious one for years. I am aware that to do a business needs money, time and effort wether it is an online business or an offline one. At least this is my experience I had from working in the marketing field for some 40 years now. So I'll just skip any business opportunity offer that say that we don't have to pay and do anything, because I know it is just a waste of time. They just want to get our email address for their list and offer us something in the future which is not free. My customers are now building materials super markets. From discussions with their managements and owners I know that it takes a lot of money (some USD 2,000,000) and effort to build that business. And still there is no time guarantee of how long before they could profit from their operation. Yes there are a small percentage of them that had to close their operation because after 2 years in operation they still could not cover the costs. But most of them are success and are making good money now. They even can open new outlets to develop their network. That is the nature of a true business. There is always risk and gain. No risk no gain.

Last June 2012, I came accross Stiforp. How much money did I have to pay ? One time of USD50 and a monthy fee of USD10. What is the product ? Tools for marketing an online business. What is the growth potential ? This is a global business. So I know that I can develop my network all over the world. With their forced matrix of 2 x 14, I will be able to earn more than USD 2,000 per month even if I did not sponsor anyone. But if I sponsored someone, it will speed up the time before I could achieve it. And that's true. I did not sponsor anyone but I saw my network grows so I began receiving my commission. Because I saw this, now I am excited to share this business to develop my network faster.

So if there is no objection for you to pay a one time of USD50 and a monthly fee of USD10, you might as well consider Stiforp as your global online business and get focus on it so that you would earn fast due to the growth of your network.

I wish you success.

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Thanks for taking the time to read the emails I've been sending. I wanted to write today to summarize everything and give you a chance to sort everything out for yourself. No matter what you decide, at least you will have been given all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Here are the top 10 reasons you are ready to do this business:

1. You Are Already a Marketer - The majority of people prefer to hear about a product from a real person who's tried it. A recent study found that consumers prefer word-of-mouth marketing to all other forms of advertising. People want to hear it from you, not from TV.

2. You Will Be Selling a Unique Product - ASEA is a product developed that helps provide, stabilize and "lock-in" two sets of reactive molecules. It is a synergistic, supplemental way to boost the immune system and enable the body to function as nature intended. I am drinking it and I feel a difference. You can too.

3. You Can Get Ahead During the Recession - People who own and operate a Network Marketing business actually experience more sales and signups during a recession.

"Shaky economic times have historically produced a renewed awareness of the need to make more money . They want a business that doesn't require a lot of capital, allows them to establish their own hours and offers rewards that can grow faster than capital or labor requirements." - Michael L. Sheffield, Entrepreneur.com

4. You Will Be in the Right Industry - The Health and Wellness industry has been doing 300 billion dollars a year in revenue. Combine this information with what you know about the current economy and what I've been telling you about Network Marketing. The idea of starting a business that helps people feel better and puts extra money in your pockets starts to make more sense, doesn't it?

5. You Will Be Respected by the likes of Donald Trump and Corporate America - In Donald Trump's recent book "Why We Want You to be Rich" co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki, there is an entire chapter dedicated to the reasons one should consider Network Marketing as a way to start a business.

"Call it the age of direct selling. With its emphasis on personal, one-on-one relationships between distributor and consumer, convenience, and a high degree of consumer education, the industry may be tailor-made for today's consumer and company." - Fortune, The Power Issue, vol. 148, No. 3

6. You Will Get Tax Breaks - This business is your opportunity to experience some of the same tax benefits the wealthy enjoy. You can never lose a properly documented business deduction as long as you run your business with a legitimate business purpose and have an honest expectation of profit.

7. You Will Have More Resources Than Most People - You could now attract people to this product using more resources than ever before. Rather than investing hundreds of dollars in advertising or buying leads, you have access to hundreds of your real-life acquaintances and colleagues all at your fingertips because of the Internet and the unique website system available to you.

8. You Will Have More than Money - Set your own hours. More free time for yourself and/or family.
Take vacations when it is convenient for you. No stressful or expensive commuting. Freedom from corporate structure and pressure. Potential to earn life-changing income.

9. You Can Afford to Try It - Because of the low cost of entry, there is no better way to start a business than with Network Marketing. You can start your own business today like I did for $35 - $300. That's all. Network Marketing is safe, easy and a convenient way to explore more income possibilities without quitting your current job or investing a ton of money in a risky commercial business.

10. You Will Have My Support - I know you can do this. And I will make sure that you have the leadership, training and tools at your disposal to succeed.

Thanks for reading. I'll be ready any time to answer your questions and get you signed up and started today.

Kind Regards,

http://teamreactive.teamasea.com/join you can register here!!!

Skype : redoxsignaling-asea
open new market: Be first be different!$!$!$!!$!$

Hello  .. from Hugh Love in Vancouver, Canada!

Reaching out ... for the Health and Wealth of it! We are a Global Company! 23 years old, in 34 countries, and with over 1/2 billion in sales annually!
Could I empower you to read the following:
Are you a Networker?
Are you aware of Unicity International?
I am a Franchise Owner seeking to empower individuals to experience an elevated life - one where money is used to enhance life, instead of being the driving force behind it. The business opportunity from Unicity continues to attract so many around the world. Unicity distributors improve their health and build their wealth as a stepping stone to even grander ambitions ... recognized as one of the Top 500 Privately-held Businesses in the US - ranked 87th on the national level and First in the State of Utah - Unicity stands as an industry leader for both nutritional supplements and business development.
Please visit www.pgdsystem.com and www.pgdhealthpros.com for details.
If we have peaked your interest ... please send questions and comments to hughlove@shaw.ca ... greatly appreciated!
Maybe our Company will excite you as it has me.
Thanks for listening, Hugh Love, Franchise Owner #97819802
To your Health ... and your Wealth! WELCOME!

EASIEST money i ever made...
Do you know anyone with $1.75 who wants to turn it into $100,000 dollars ?
We declare clearly:
If you can`t earn here, no where you can..

    Earning formula:

        Give $1.75 - Get $7
        Give $5 - Get $80
        Give $10 - Get $640
        Give $20 - Get $5120
        Give $40 - Get $160
        Give $80 - Get $1280
        Give $160 - Get $10240
        Give $320 - Get $81920
        POTENTIAL INCOME: $99447

    Initial payment to upline: ONLY $1.75
    Payment systems: Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay
    Downline structure: 4x4 forced matrix
    Ad-coop: optional
    Sponsorship: No sponsorship required
check this out....http://www.feedermatrix.com/?ref=goldcoinsmatrix

You can join in a new perspective , an international company ! Preliminary period from January to April 2014 .
Do not miss this chance!
GREEN LINE - One Line Online - http://one-line-online.com/androni
The company is registered in Dubai. Founder - David Parker - an experienced businessman from Canada.
PRODUCT - shares in the power of wind and solar energiya/100 Euro / . Passive income in the next 20 years, the annual dividend 20%. Opportunity to own " Green Action " that is stable passive income .
Marketing Plan - Innovation ! All partners in a line , one below the other .
Sign up today for only 30 Euro / license / and all who register after you will fall under you in the global structure.
Payment of starter pack of 30 Euro for now only through PayPal. Will be added and other payment systems.
Skype - andreev691
P,S.The site is translated in 12 languages!  САЙТ ПЕРЕВЕДЕН НА 12 ЯЗыКОВ!!!


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 We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG, SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and other. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options and we also discount/monetize BG's.
This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies.
If in need of our services, contact me for detail information.
Thank you,
Mr.Joe Duane

Dear Sir/Ma, I have a genuine lenders from London, U.K, Australia, Italy world-wide and they offer financial Instrument lease/sales at reasonable prices from top 5 banks with affordable procedures and conditions. These bank instrument Lenders offer fresh cut and seasoned bank instrument such as BG, SBLC, MTN and Confirmable Bank Draft (CBD), which can be engage into ppp trading, outright discounting, signatory project(S) such as aviation, agriculture, petroleum, telecommunication, construction of dams, bridges, real estate and all kind of projects. With our bank instrument you can establish line of credit with your bank or secure loan for your projects in which our bank Instrument will serve a collateral in your bank to fund your project. We deliver with time and precision as set forth in the agreement. Our terms and conditions are reasonable. Other bank instrument procedure will be provided on request. If Interested kindly contact me via Email:~ Email: anr.leasebrokerage@gmail.com Skype ID: anr.leasefinance Thank you, Amin Rangara

Dear Partner/Associate.

We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or Principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services.

Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies.

The Financial institution can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, Telecommunication, construction of Dams or Bridges and all kind of projects., we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instrument.
Inquiries from agents/ brokers/ intermediaries are also welcome.
If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way, please contact me for more information.

Mr Ronald Rajnesh Gounder


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