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Relaciones Cuerpo-Mente -- Foreign Body-Mind


Relaciones Cuerpo-Mente -- Foreign Body-Mind

Conocimiento de las relaciones del Cuerpo y de la Mente; del Cerebro y de las Vísceras del Cuerpo.

The knowledge of the relationships of the Body and Mind; and brain and the Viscera of the Body.

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La lateralización de las vísceras esenciales corporales fue dando lugar a la diferenciación de aptitudes de cada hemisferio cerebral.

Lateralization of essential bodily viscera was resulting in the differentiation of skills of each cerebral hemisphere.

Nuestro Cuerpo es la materialización estructurada y organizada de los valores o inercias Mentales de nuestra personalidad individual. Los cuatro pares de órganos (Corazón y Diencéfalo, Pulmón y Telencéfalo, Hígado y Cerebelo, y Estómago y Mesencéfalo), son los elementos fundamentales que han ido dando lugar a la especialización que ha adquiriendo cada hemisferio cerebral.

Our body is structured and organized in the materialization of the values or Mental inertia of our individual personality. The four pairs of organs (Heart and Diencephalon, Lung and Telencephalon, Liver and Cerebellum, Stomach and Midbrain), are the key elements that have been resulting to the specialization that has acquired each cerebral hemisphere.


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Comment by Raju Badiani on October 26, 2012 at 12:44am

"You are what you eat"this affects the viscera/organs-Have you noticed how you feel when you eat Salads and the raw foods?I believe the energy component is also better with raw or steamed foods.

50% rule is what I have used-raw/steamed+other food works well with the chemistry of the body-Please do try it !Your Body /Mind/Spirit will take you a long way.

Comment by IFTHICA SHAMSUDEEN (FOUNDER) on October 25, 2012 at 8:56pm

This is fantastic! Useful information. I like this very much and I invite members.


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